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Well, they’re finally gone.

This was the last of them. Delicious!

the last of the cherries...

I slipped a photo in a couple weeks ago on a photo Friday and it wasn’t at all clear, I don’t think, just how many cherries 18 pounds is.

Um, it’s a lot.

Why did I buy 18 pounds of cherries? I am a sucker. No, actually, they were on sale at Whole Foods, as they do one day per year, for less than $2/lb. And I’m a sucker. (And I really, really love cherries.)

Thanks heavens I’d already ordered a cherry pitter…

So what did I do with them all? Here’s the final tally:

1 half gallon of cherry bounce
6 half pints of cherry lime jam (using Pomona’s pectin)
6 half pints of “holiday cherries” (think pickled with festive spices, from Canning for a New Generation)
2 pints of cherry butter, from Food in Jars
1 batch of cherry cream cheese brownies
and 1 cherry pie (my first!) which apparently was the only thing I actually photographed. (It was awfully pretty.)

my first cherry pie!

Plus, uncountable bowls, handfuls and dishes of fresh cherries. We all had sticky purpley-red fingers for days, if not weeks. Nothing better!

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