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big (little) cuddly bunny


little big rabbit

I wanted to make a little something for a friend about to have a baby a while back, but not a sweater or a hat or anything wearable. I decided on this little (big) bunny. This cute little guy was my small contribution to a group care package that mostly consisted of a quilt, with squares contributed by numerous people. (At the time, I had no place to sew. So.)

little big rabbit

The bunny was designed to be a big cuddly bunny, but since mine had to go through the mail with a bunch of other stuff, I knit it with smaller yarn & needles making for a much smaller “big” cuddly bunny.

I used yarn from my stash (Lion brand cotton ease) and size 5 needles and the bunny stood maybe 8 inches high or so. (I sent it off back in April, so I can’t quite remember…) See my Ravelry project page here.

little big rabbit


2 thoughts on “big (little) cuddly bunny

  1. It’s so cute!! I love that it has a bright green butt :)

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