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239: hello, perfect day

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hello, perfect
Today turned out to be the hottest day of the summer! Go figure.

E & I were off on another adventure. Started out the day by having her preschool come get the red couch, for use in E’s classroom. THE RED COUCH. You guys, the red couch is gone. *sniff*

Anyway, then we brought H to daycare, stopped at the market for peppers & cilantro (salsa!), picked up a couple donuts and met my step-mom for the ferry out to Peaks Island. We wandered the island and played on the rocks and found this bizarre spot where there were tons of little rock piles/sculpture things. Like, tons. E & her grandma made one more, she climbed around on the rocks looking like a perfect sun-kissed angel of a child. We ferried back and had lunch before coming home. I, exhausted, collapsed onto the couch while E had a dance party. I would kill for half her energy. Oy.

More tomatoes for dinner (BLTs!) and playing outside in the kiddie pool.

I. Am. Tired. (In the best possible way, of course.)


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