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264: seconds


A tea towel I bought yesterday at the fair. It was in the seconds bin so it was cheaper. Looks fine to me!

I busted ass today and got tons of shit done – something like 8 loads of laundry; vacuumed the whole house, including moving the kids’ beds around and doing underneath them; made 3 delicious, healthy homemade meals for myself and my family, one of which contained ingredients I grew myself; took 2 kids grocery shopping to 2 stores, solo; changed all the beds; cleaned the bathroom top to bottom; managed sibling rivalries and one incident of a bucket of gravel in the sink. Plus, the usual story-reading, playing, changing diapers, etc.

Apparently, this was not enough. M got pissed that the house was such a mess. (It was – parts of it. Kid toys were everywhere.) I was…irate, to say the least. I’m only one person, with one brain and two hands. I can only do so much. Yes, kid toys were everywhere. I don’t have the time nor inclination to micromanage which toys they get out. Yes, I threw a whole bunch of them together all willy-nilly, so I could vacuum, with the intention of sorting it out later. (I’m very organized – I just hadn’t sorted yet by the time M got home.)

I. Was. Livid.

I do way more than my fair share around this house and I get complained at for letting the kids play with their own toys and make a mess? I don’t think so.

So now it’s nearly 9 and I need to sit down and start working. Just what I was looking forward to after a long day. Yaaaay.


2 thoughts on “264: seconds

  1. If he’s so concerned then he should clean it! Sheesh!

  2. Right?!? (He did – but he was pissed about it.)

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