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garter ear flap hat


I made my kid a hat!

half handspun hat

I had some precious handspun from a lovely friend and really wanted to use it for…something…but couldn’t figure out what. I didn’t have that much yarn so it had to be something small. But even so. What? Finally I decided on a hat for E, with stripes of Noro to make the yarn last. (It wouldn’t have been possible to knit the whole thing in handspun – I definitely would have run out!)

I let E pick which skein of yarn she wanted, and she surprised me by picking the purple over the pink!

half handspun hat

I love how it came out – rustic and cute. She’s only worn it a handful of times and has already gotten a ton of compliments.

The stripes at the bottom are quite subtle…

half handspun hat

But the stripes near the top are much more obvious.

half handspun hat

I just adore the tiny tassle on top! (And that little ball is what I had leftover of the handspun. I’m going to put it in my knitting bowl and admire it.)

half handspun hat

Pattern: Garter Ear Flap Hat

Yarn: Noro & handspun

See mine on Ravelry.


2 thoughts on “garter ear flap hat

  1. The hat is gorgeous, Laura! And so so cute on E!

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