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365! (and, wanna buy a wreath?)


secret doings

These two kill me. Super! Secret! Whispers!

Anyway, you may notice that there’s a bunch more posting than normal on the blog in the next month or so… I was participating in a photo a day group blog all year but basically everybody but me and one other person has dropped out so I imported all my old posts over here and I’m just going to post here from now on.


A side note – see that orange construction fencing behind the cute little kids? My kiddos’ preschool is doing a huge play yard renovation project, which we’re very excited about, and they’re having a wreath sale as a fundraiser. If you’re local and you’re interested in a wreath, let me know! You can see the wreaths here but if you want one order through me, not online, since it’s a fundraiser. (Also, our fundraiser prices are cheaper than what’s shown on the website by $9-11, depending on the wreath.) Orders are due this Friday (Nov. 21st) which I realize is super short notice. Wreath pick up will be December 2. They’re festive! You know you want one!


2 thoughts on “365! (and, wanna buy a wreath?)

  1. How did you import your old posts? I think I’d like to do the same, since it’s getting kind of pointless over at fewandfar. (The blog was such a great idea, but I think we’re all too busy to manage it…it was so much easier in the days when we all just posted to Flickr!)

  2. It’s super easy once you’re an admin. (I just made you one…) It’s under tools – you can export all posts by a particular user. Then just pop over to your other blog and import the file! (One weird thing it did for me was ask if it should assign user names to everybody else, which freaked me out as I don’t want everyone’s posts on my blog, but it didn’t actually import anybody’s but my own. Must just be something in the settings. I ignored everybody but myself and assigned my old username to my regular username on my own blog. Wow, not sure that made any sense… You’ll see…)

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