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cornmeal mittens

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cornmeal mittens
The kids have two pairs of mittens – so why can’t I? That way while one is drying, I still have a pair to keep my hands toasty warm. These are my “lightweight” mittens. (Is it a little sad that I have varying degrees of mitten-warmth? Brrr.)

The pattern is the Very Cabley Mittens by my friend Kelly and I’d had them queued for ages. Longer than ages. Forever. They’re an easy, quick knit with cables galore. I used leftover Knit Picks Swish Worsted, in cornmeal, that I’ve had leftover from when I knit E’s Rhinebeck sweater back in 2011. (And apparently, now that I’m looking, the yarn for that sweater was actually left over from a blanket! Ha.)

See the details of my mittens on Ravelry.

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