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stash diving, again, or: I never learn

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Ina cap
All the hats I’ve knit for myself are years old and becoming worn out and droopy. I finally decided to knit this Ina Cap, the pattern for which I’ve had for years. Years, people. On paper. I’ve actually had it so long that I’d completely forgotten where I put it (I hate buying individual patterns on paper, but it was an impulse buy) and had to email them to see if I could get another copy. (They sent me one. So nice!)

Of course, some months after that, after I’d finished the hat even, I found my paper copy. Stored in my yarn storage ottoman, with a bunch of yarn.

In other words, a perfectly logical place.


Anyway! The pattern is for a hat & mitts set and I’d already knit the mitts back in 2010. My intention was to use up the rest of the yarn from those mitts and…I think we can see where this is going:
Ina cap

Yes, I ran out. Because of course I did! So now I have a blueberry-themed hat, thanks to a lovely friend who sent me a skein of matching yarn in a different color. (The yarn is Quince & Co. Chickadee in River and, unexpectedly, Snap Pea.)

See the details of mine on Ravelry.


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