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working through the queue : hedera socks

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I’d had these queued for ages, y’all. Ages. They’re Hedera, from 2006. I’ve had the intended yarn for nearly as long, 2010, maybe? My goal this year is to work through both my queue and my stash, buying as few new patterns and as little yarn as possible.

(Did I recently buy patterns for a shawl and sweaters for the kids? Yep. Did I just buy new yarn to make a sweater? Indeed. Did I just buy new sock yarn for my birthday? Absolutely. Hush now.)

The pattern is a fun, easy to memorize lace and the yarn is Dye Dreams Twinkle Toes, which is sadly discontinued. It’s a 50/50 merino/tencel blend, shiny and soft. It looks fabulous with this pattern and really shows the stitch definition. I would totally buy more if I could!

My only complaint about the socks is that the heel flap is rather obscenely tall. I think if I were to knit them again, I might shorten it by as much as half.


See the details of mine on Ravelry.

One thought on “working through the queue : hedera socks

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