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Operation Try New Restaurants: Ginza Town

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Way back in March (oh yes! March!) I tried Ginza Town for the first time, which is another shameful one (like Bogusha’s) because it’s right down the street from my workplace. I’ll keep this brief since I haven’t been in some time (apparently they’re closed until mid December!) but it was good enough for me to make several lunchtime trips.

I believe on all occasions I opted for their lunch box special. For an excellent, budget-friendly price of $10.95 you get to choose four options: chicken, salmon, or beef teriyaki, or salmon matayaki; wakame or house salad; tempura or gyoza; and a sushi roll – California, Boston, spicy tuna, avocado, or kappa. I chose a different array of items each time and they were all lovely – and generous too! Definitely worth the price.

I thoroughly intend to go back once they’re open again!


One thought on “Operation Try New Restaurants: Ginza Town

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