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mummy jars!

Y’all. It has been so long since I logged in and actually created a post on my computer and not on my phone that…I forgot how. OMG.


mummy jars

Which mummy is whose?

We made these mummy-themed little jars for Halloween [mumblety] years ago. (Like, 2013. I mean, doesn’t everyone take almost five years to get around to posting something? Just me? OK then.)

These were super cute and a really easy craft to do with Very Small Children. At the time, E & H were 3 and 15 months, respectively, and they were both perfectly capable of doing these jars mostly on their own.

mummy jars

My mummy jar. Because I’m the…wait for it…mummy.

I’m pretty sure this was a Pinterest-inspired craft – all you do is wrap white medical tape around a small jar in a mostly haphazard manner, add googly eyes, and voila! Mummies! Add candles if you wish! I’m fairly certain we did not, because…Very Small Children.

Enjoy this completely-out-of-season craft idea from five years ago!

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It’s probably hot enough…

…to make these crayons in the sun!

heart crayons

We’ve made these, given them as gifts, received them as gifts… Super easy – take small pieces of old crayons, put them in some sort of mold (here we used silicone ice cube trays), expose to heat to melt (in this case, we put them in the oven), remove from heat to let harden. Pop out of the mold and color!

Judging by the state of an errant crayon left out in our driveway a few days ago, I suspect this project could easily be accomplished by leaving the mold full of crayon parts out in the sun for a while.

heart crayons