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2014 knits (& crochets!)

I actually knit a lot in 2014 (and crocheted some too) – I finished 24 projects, 18 of which I made in the last few months of the year. (Wow!)

The breakdown:

  • Projects – 24
  • Gifts – 16
  • Blankets – 1
  • Dishcloths – 3
  • Potholders – 3
  • Hats – 4
  • Cowls – 6
  • Slippers – 1
  • Mittens/mitts – 2
  • Shawls – 2
  • Toys – 1
  • Christmas ornaments – 1
  • Sweaters – 2
  • Socks – 1 (pair)

(The numbers don’t quite add up because several of the dishcloths and potholders were counted as one “project.”)

I was a knitting fiend the last quarter of the year and after swearing off knitting for others a few years ago, I whipped up a whole bunch of great stuff as Christmas gifts. Most of it was worsted or bulky weight stuff so it went pretty quickly. Simple too – nothing too taxing that I wouldn’t be able to put down at a moment’s notice when some kid or another spilled milk, hit a sibling, walked into a wall or whatever bizarre reason my presence was required right now, mama. It was fun. I’m still not going to knit anyone socks or a sweater, but a bulky cowl? Sure thing.

Some of them I’ve blogged already, some I haven’t but likely will be in the future. A few of my favorites haven’t been seen here yet so I’m really looking forward to sharing them!

And now for the photos…
gridiron hatGridiron hat

gridiron hat(another) Gridiron hat

willow cowlWillow cowl

RipplesRipples shawl

FelicityFelicity hat

little big rabbitLittle cuddly bunny

<3Zig zag blanket

quickie cowlAsheville cowl

Little House ShawlLittle House shawl

13975520085_6bb9972771_cAsheville cowl swap cowl

half handspun hatGarter ear flap hat

slipper bootsSlipper boots

Dansez pulloverDansez pullover

bulky gaptastic cowlGaptastic cowl

colorblock honey cowlColor block honey cowl

stripey mom mittsStripey mitts

cornmeal mittensCornmeal mittens

alpaca gaptastic cowlGaptastic cowl (again)

HederaHedera socks

Christmas potholdersChristmas potholders

paw print cardiPaw print cardi

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roly poly piggly wiggly

roly poly piggly wiggly

I made H an elephant for this birthday last July and between then and Christmas, all E wanted was for me to make her a pig.

So I did.

I’m primarily a knitter and only an occasional crocheter but I knew that this roly poly piggy would be best undertaken as a crochet project. I searched Ravelry (boy, there are a ton of piggy patterns) and settled on this plump little guy. He’s perfect!

roly poly piggly wiggly

That curly little tail!

He took me three weeks, start to finish, which in my world is super speedy. He was finished on Christmas Eve and delivered to a very happy little girl the next morning!

See mine on Ravelry.

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save the date!


What are you doing Saturday, August 27 from 11-6? Will you be in Lincoln Park in Portland, ME? I think you will.

You know why?

Because that way you’ll get to join me and tons of other crafty vendors for the 4th annual Picnic Music+Arts Festival!

Picnic sez:

The Picnic Music+Arts Festival will feature clothing, jewelry, prints, accessories, bags, plush, stationery, photography, housewares, fine art, vintage goods and more. There will be live music and tasty food to enjoy all day.

I guess I fall into the “and more” category… Anyway, it’ll be an excellent chance to check out my new yarn colors and squish it with your very own hands! Last year I attended (not as a vendor) with my teeny baby and it was loads of fun. Save the date and we’ll look forward to seeing you!


potholder, potholders, potholders!


Potholders! Recently I participated in the 3rd annual potholder swap…the first time for me though! In fact, I learned to crochet earlier this spring, specifically for the swap!


Since I’m just a newbie crocheter, I chose a pretty simple pattern – the potholder pattern by Bea Aarebrot. It’s very simple but leaves room for lots of colorful interpretation and no two of mine were alike! I had a great time learning to crochet and making these and I really enjoyed getting a little surprise package a few weeks later…


The potholders I received in exchange for my little lovelies were great – I love them all, despite the fact that I probably never would have made any of them, for a variety of reasons. The colors mostly fall outside my comfort range, even though now that I own them I think they’re fantastic! And the patterns seem like they might have been a little beyond my newbie capabilities, or at least would have taken a little more time than I had to devote to the project. Nothing like a swap to get you thinking outside your own little box!

Pattern: potholders by Bea Aarebrot
Yarn: Tahki Cotton Classic
Hook: 3.75 mm (F)
See mine on Ravelry