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Baking, crafting, mama-ing and taking photos of it all. When I remember.

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339: I hate this treadmill

But not for the reasons you might think. I like running. I like walking. I like doing it on a treadmill when it’s 17 degrees outside. But this one is so user-unfriendly. It starts up slooooowly and then you can’t just tell it how fast you want to go, you have to be walking/running and simultaneously, continuously pushing the up or down arrows. Which I loathe.

First world problems, right?

In other news, the kids had their holiday concert tonight and it was incredibly adorable. E sang her little heart out. H…didn’t. (I had to accompany him onstage and stay there. Oh well. We weren’t the only ones!)

Then we came out of the festive holiday concert to a smattering of snowflakes! Perfect.

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310: gardening

So these are our two new garden plots for next year. It’s the same community garden but different plots because last year’s were so far away from the only water source I wanted to switch. It appears that whoever had them this past year did nothing except plant sunflowers. And grass? So. Many. Weeds. That big sunflower on the right? SO HEAVY. Holy crap I had no idea. Damn thing was like a small tree. So this is what I did today…

Still more to do but at least it’s a start!

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287: pole

When I picked E up from preschool today she really! really! wanted to show me something. Turns out she’s figured out how to slide down the pole, which as of last week she was still too afraid to try. I’m so proud! She’s not always very good at trying new things, especially physical stuff. It’s never been her strong point. But she did it! Yay!

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269: running shoes

I had a workshop after work today so M took my car and did pick/drop off of the kidlets. Thus, I found myself home alone (!) this morning and decided to go for a run before work! I wore my new running shoes, pants, shirt AND socks. Ha! New duds galore!

Sadly, I think I need to not run in the morning. I get too easily dehydrated and then around lunchtime I end up with a splitting headache. It’s happened every time I’ve gone running in the morning recently. (Usually I go later in the day.) Boo. Oh well, lesson learned!

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254: dance class!

Terrible picture but she was too! excited! to! stand! still! Ha.

It was the first day of dance class for the year and it runs through June with a recital at the end so this is very exciting! We’d hoped her little friend June would be in class with her and she is! Yahoo! Also, in the smallest of small world situations…we had a play date this morning with some new/old friends who just moved here and the 4yo signed up this afternoon! More friends in dance, yay! Also, new/old friends, yay!

So I don’t think I’ve mentioned that said new/old friends are my ex-husband’s cousin and his wife. Haaaaa. What on earth. Freakishly small world, yo.