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mummy jars!

Y’all. It has been so long since I logged in and actually created a post on my computer and not on my phone that…I forgot how. OMG.


mummy jars

Which mummy is whose?

We made these mummy-themed little jars for Halloween [mumblety] years ago. (Like, 2013. I mean, doesn’t everyone take almost five years to get around to posting something? Just me? OK then.)

These were super cute and a really easy craft to do with Very Small Children. At the time, E & H were 3 and 15 months, respectively, and they were both perfectly capable of doing these jars mostly on their own.

mummy jars

My mummy jar. Because I’m the…wait for it…mummy.

I’m pretty sure this was a Pinterest-inspired craft – all you do is wrap white medical tape around a small jar in a mostly haphazard manner, add googly eyes, and voila! Mummies! Add candles if you wish! I’m fairly certain we did not, because…Very Small Children.

Enjoy this completely-out-of-season craft idea from five years ago!

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honey cowl

colorblock honey cowl

One of the six cowls I made last year was this unintentionally color-blocked bulky cowl I made for my aunt for Christmas. It was one of my stash-diving projects and the second to run into the not-quite-enough-yarn problem.

colorblock honey cowl

I used leftover Knit Picks Swish bulky, which has since been discontinued. (No buying more even if I wanted to!) It’s a thick, soft superwash merino yarn that I used to knit the kids’ Christmas stockings. The pattern is the very popular Honey Cowl, which I modified to take into account my totally different yarn weight.


See the details of mine on Ravelry.


the perils of stash diving…

Alternately titled – I ran out of yarn.

stripey mom mitts

I knit these mitts as a Christmas gift for my mom out of some luscious cream colored alpaca yarn I’d had in my stash for many years. I’d used up about half of it knitting a hat for myself back in 2009 and should have had just enough to make these mitts. I never usually worry about running out of yarn because I almost always have enough – I think I’m a slightly tight knitter? I generally use less yarn than a pattern calls for. So I knit a mitt. And started a second mitt…

And ran out around the thumb.


I didn’t want to have to buy more of the yarn because a) nobody local sells it b) I barely needed any and c) that defeats the whole purpose of stash diving in the first place. But the fact remained that I was truly and completely out of yarn.

What’s a crafty knitter girl to do?

I ripped. Rrrrriiiipppped. I ripped back to the cuff on each mitt and threw in some trust Cascade 220 for some lovely stripy contrast. Worked like a charm! No yarn was purchased and I used up even more of my stash than I’d hoped for! Win win.

stripey mom mitts

They’re soft and squishy on the top and smooth stockinette on the palms. They’re very warm. The pattern is Cozy Thermal Mitts and it was a quick, easy knit. (Or, it should have been, if I’d had enough yarn in the first place…)

See mine on Ravelry.

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358: salted caramel corn

Today was full. I started off the day with a photo shoot for a lovely friend and her family, followed by some toddler-not-napping and salted caramel corn making. I used this recipe and wow was it tasty! H could barely not keep his hands off it. As evidenced by the photo above…

We went to my dad & step-mom’s in the evening for some great food, fun and a pass-the-phone-around type of chat with my sister in Connecticut. The kids were up way too late and ate way too much sugar (they aren’t the only ones!) but all is quiet now and Santa has made his (or her, as the case may be) appearance. My favorite night of the year!


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356: handmade for the holidays

I started wrapping gifts tonight! I don’t usually leave it so late, especially when the gifts have just been sitting there…but we’ve been busy. In hindsight, it’s probably best that we waited or H would have unwrapped them all by now. Anyway, as of this evening there is a wonderfully festive little pile under our tree, carefully wrapped in homemade wrapping paper. The kids helped me stamp plain brown paper (some actually recycled from Amazon packaging) with snowflake stamps and I have to say, I’m really loving it. So rustic! So festive! So adorable!

Here’s an action shot of E getting stampy:

Many of the gifts are handmade as well. Nearly all of the gifts for family members are handmade, except for the kids’ stuff, though several were not handmade by me. Neat!