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Operation Try New Restaurants: LOBSTER!

Ok, y’all, I know lobster isn’t a restaurant. But I’m claiming it for August because it’s notable. I’m a Mainer. I grew up here. I’ve lived here again for the past almost-ten years. I love seafood. But? I have never had a lobster. I’ve eaten lobster – in mac ‘n’ cheese, lobster rolls, ravioli… But never a whole lobster.

Do I lose my Mainer badge?

My First Lobster

(It was delicious.)

And the occasion? My BFF got married and I was one of the privileged few to be there. So much love!

Amy & Patrick

sunflowers at the wedding

always and forever

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this is five

birthday girl
One month ago, my beautiful girl turned five. FIVE. How did that happen? (Pretty sure I say that every year. Pretty sure it won’t ever stop.)

Five feels like…kid. Not really a preschooler (although she still is), definitely not a toddler…all kid. All long legs and lanky arms and the ever-increasing, amazing ability to do things on her own that I never thought possible. Just this morning, she surprised me by quickly and accurately following a diagram to put together a marble run she’d never seen before.

How fast she runs! How helpful she can be (when she feels like it)! How her leaps of logic astound and delight me! How she looks after her little brother. How she loves to help me in the garden. How she loves to see the worms wiggle through the soil. How she loves to pose her ballerina Barbie. How she loves to read about dinosaurs. How she loves, loves, to run down the hill leading to our house after a long walk in the stroller.

B is for bunting

We celebrated with not one, but two parties, with cake, cupcakes and tea. Happy birthday wonderful girl!

rainbow cupcakes!
tea party!
pretend pouring

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the boy turns 2

perfect window light

Oh sweet boy! You are two today! You’ve come so far – your language is shooting ahead in leaps and bounds. You have just started to not be completely petrified of dogs…


You can jump. You can climb. (You’re perhaps a little more able in those areas than a mama might like…) You’ve finally started taking an interest in books (“read it!”) and love to do things on your own (“self!”) which is wonderful and frustrating. (But really, you’re a very capable little boy.) You love to sing and dance and love watching “Let It Go” and “In Summer” with sissy, which you sing along to. You’ve recently discovered “Cindewewa” as well and love watching her sing and putting her shoes on.

You’re such a joy to everyone around you! You give the best hugs. You say “sorry” before you do something you know you’re not supposed to, so that’s entertaining. (And helpful.)

We love you little big guy!

One year ago…

one year old

Two years ago…

Henry David

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the baby turns one

Henry David

Oh, little buddy… You arrived with a bang a year ago today. You've always been a chill little guy, ever since that day! Your sweet nature charmed our whole family. Your papa and I adore you and your sister does too – unless you're stealing her toys and then she's not such a fan.

baby H

You were a big guy at birth (9lbs 13 oz!) and you haven't slowed down one bit. We'll find out for sure in a few days at your one year checkup, but you're somewhere around 26-27 lbs and TALL. You're officially bigger than several 3-year-olds we know. You've always been a pretty good sleeper, even falling asleep at the Common Ground Fair in your little lumberjack shirt. Nowadays I give you a little bounce on the yoga ball and a pat on the back and you toss and turn until you finally enter dreamland. I have mixed feelings about this. It's great that you can sleep on your own, but I know I will never again have a tiny baby that needs to sleep on me! Bittersweet…

sleepy at the fair

You are seriously the happiest baby I know. Everything brings you such joy. All I have to do to get you grinning is just look in your direction. Make a funny face or silly smile and forget it…you might explode with glee! You love to bang on things – blocks, toy pots, pretty much anything that makes a noise. You wave toys around with wild abandon and love to pull everything out of a bin and toss it behind you with utter happiness. You can chew a book to bits in moments and have destroyed more toys in your short life than I ever thought possible! Which is not to say you're malicious in any way, the destruction comes from a place of glee and excitement and, despite the wreckage, is pretty funny to watch.

Happy happy!

You love your older sister and think that everything she does is pretty much the best thing ever. You're home a lot with papa and you two have the best times! Mama is definitely a favorite though. You love to cuddle and flop your head down on my shoulder, especially when we meet new people. You love to flirt, as long as you feel secure in mama's or papa's arms. Everybody loves you!

10 months

You're a great eater and, in typical male fashion, meat is your favorite. Bring on the chicken! I'm loving watching you learn and grow every day. You've taken a few halting steps but exuberant crawling is still definitely your preferred method of locomotion. You love to make sounds and noises but I've yet to hear a distinguishable word…although it sounds like "mama" might be close! Happy birthday buddy, we love you!

Happy birthday lil guy guy!