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Baking, crafting, mama-ing and taking photos of it all. When I remember.

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:: photo friday :: Barbara Cooney exhibit


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341: Santa!

This happened today!

This morning E had a play date, I had a photo shoot, then we came home for a quick lunch before heading to my work for Santa filled festivities – Santa himself, holiday “tattoos,” Christmas crafts, cookie decorating, snacks and, most importantly, a big ol’ bounce house with a slide!

She loved it all.

We were supposed to go to our town’s tree lighting festival tonight but we were tired and it was cold and we needed groceries, so we skipped. Totally the right call. Plenty of fun for one day!

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339: I hate this treadmill

But not for the reasons you might think. I like running. I like walking. I like doing it on a treadmill when it’s 17 degrees outside. But this one is so user-unfriendly. It starts up slooooowly and then you can’t just tell it how fast you want to go, you have to be walking/running and simultaneously, continuously pushing the up or down arrows. Which I loathe.

First world problems, right?

In other news, the kids had their holiday concert tonight and it was incredibly adorable. E sang her little heart out. H…didn’t. (I had to accompany him onstage and stay there. Oh well. We weren’t the only ones!)

Then we came out of the festive holiday concert to a smattering of snowflakes! Perfect.