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cloth diapering

pile o' diapers

Here are all my posts about cloth diapering, conveniently linked all in one place for your education and enjoyment. I’ll add more as they are created. Hope I can be of assistance to some of you out there! Get diapering!

  • intro – in which I say what I’m going to say, before I say it
  • types of diapers – in which I discuss various types of diapers that I personally have experience with, including prefolds and covers, pocket diapers, all-in-ones and handmade diapers, as well as some diapering “accessories” like Snappis.
  • wash routines – in which I discuss how to keep those diapers clean and fluffy so your baby’s bum will be clean…and fluffy.
  • where to buy – in which I share some shopping tips and where to get a (hopefully!) good deal on diapers.
  • make your own – in which I discuss how I got all crafty and made some pocket diapers!

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