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lacy ribs socks

lacy ribs socks
More socks, y’all!

I am on a roll. This is the third pair I’ve finished in recent months, after not knitting any for years. (And yes, I’ve started another pair! Jaywalkers! Only ten years late.)

This pair is Lacy Ribs Socks, from the book Socks From the Toe Up, which I love. The yarn is The Woolen Rabbit Harmony, which I also love, rescued from an already-knit single sock that never worked for my foot shape. These are much better! I do love me a nice heel flap.

lacy ribs socks

See details of mine on Ravelry.

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this is five

birthday girl
One month ago, my beautiful girl turned five. FIVE. How did that happen? (Pretty sure I say that every year. Pretty sure it won’t ever stop.)

Five feels like…kid. Not really a preschooler (although she still is), definitely not a toddler…all kid. All long legs and lanky arms and the ever-increasing, amazing ability to do things on her own that I never thought possible. Just this morning, she surprised me by quickly and accurately following a diagram to put together a marble run she’d never seen before.

How fast she runs! How helpful she can be (when she feels like it)! How her leaps of logic astound and delight me! How she looks after her little brother. How she loves to help me in the garden. How she loves to see the worms wiggle through the soil. How she loves to pose her ballerina Barbie. How she loves to read about dinosaurs. How she loves, loves, to run down the hill leading to our house after a long walk in the stroller.

B is for bunting

We celebrated with not one, but two parties, with cake, cupcakes and tea. Happy birthday wonderful girl!

rainbow cupcakes!
tea party!
pretend pouring

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Follow Your Arrow 2

A while back, I did the big mystery knit along from Ysolda – the Follow Your Arrow 2. I’d never done a knit along, especially not a mystery one!
For those unfamiliar with what exactly this means – you don’t get to see what the thing (in this case, a shawl) will look like before you sign up to participate. So, every week for five weeks, we got a new “clue” – a new part of the pattern. There are choices to make for each clue, sort of like a choose your own adventure book. Each subsequent clue stacks neatly onto either of the previous choices.
I used yarn I’d previously dyed for E’s 3rd birthday dress – my own superwash sock yarn. My shawl choices went BABAB with an additional 5A at the end to incorporate the second color and a knitted on border. (Which took forever…)
And now that it’s done? I…don’t love it. I loved knitting it. I loved looking forward to all the clues. I loved figuring out what each one might look like. I loved choosing what I thought would look best. It was a great experience. But, I just don’t love the finished product. Is it the colors? Maybe. I have a hard time seeing them as anything other than the colors I used for the dress of a three-year-old, so. I love the size of the shawl (big!) and the drape of the fabric (so drape-y!) but…meh.

I think I might give it away…

See the details of mine on Ravelry.


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