eat! craft! live!

Baking, crafting, mama-ing and taking photos of it all. When I remember.

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362: things in my couch

For some reason I decided to look under the couch cushions this evening and found so! much! stuff! Cinderella’s other glass slipper that I thought I’d vacuumed up! Crochet hooks, knitting needles and stitch markers! Small toys! Only one food item! (A raisin. We’re actually really strict about only eating in the kitchen, preferably at the table.) Not pictured: a small pink plastic toy cell phone with Sleeping Beauty on it that E found at the apple orchard in September 2012 when we went apple picking with my mom and H was a teeny baby. She loved that thing but lost it pretty soon after she found it and she talked about it for ages after. Apparently, it was stuck down in between the chair cushions! For over two years! Good heavens. I do clean my house, I swear…

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358: salted caramel corn

Today was full. I started off the day with a photo shoot for a lovely friend and her family, followed by some toddler-not-napping and salted caramel corn making. I used this recipe and wow was it tasty! H could barely not keep his hands off it. As evidenced by the photo above…

We went to my dad & step-mom’s in the evening for some great food, fun and a pass-the-phone-around type of chat with my sister in Connecticut. The kids were up way too late and ate way too much sugar (they aren’t the only ones!) but all is quiet now and Santa has made his (or her, as the case may be) appearance. My favorite night of the year!


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356: handmade for the holidays

I started wrapping gifts tonight! I don’t usually leave it so late, especially when the gifts have just been sitting there…but we’ve been busy. In hindsight, it’s probably best that we waited or H would have unwrapped them all by now. Anyway, as of this evening there is a wonderfully festive little pile under our tree, carefully wrapped in homemade wrapping paper. The kids helped me stamp plain brown paper (some actually recycled from Amazon packaging) with snowflake stamps and I have to say, I’m really loving it. So rustic! So festive! So adorable!

Here’s an action shot of E getting stampy:

Many of the gifts are handmade as well. Nearly all of the gifts for family members are handmade, except for the kids’ stuff, though several were not handmade by me. Neat!

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353: waiting!

We got a big box from my sister today, containing Christmas gifts. One big one for each of the kids (seen here) and I’m dying to know what they are! I think it might be even more exciting than wondering what my own is… I know H is excited – we’re having a hard time keeping him from unwrapping everything. I suspect he’ll need constant supervision around the gifts for the next 5 days…

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315: teenager

Hard to see, but here’s E sitting on her (new!) bunk bed, talking on the phone. (To my mom.) It started because H was playing with my phone and saying, “How are you doing. Gramma.” And then, hilariously, “Gramma doesn’t hear me!” So we called her up for H to say hi, which he all but whispered, then E took the phone off into her room for some privacy.

These kids. They crack me up.