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Operation Try New Restaurants: Shindig

grilled cheese & tomato soup

Amazing grilled cheese. Amazing soup!

While on my nearly-yearly trip to New York for Rhinebeck, we ate at Shindig in Woodstock one evening. It was super cute, and tiny, and I had a grilled cheese and tomato soup that were amazing.


The whole weekend is always a great time. Friends, food, fiber. Last year was no exception.

And now for some photos!

The most amazing buttons!

These button! My heart.


Sheep. What we’re all here for.

Falling leaves

Falling leaves at the fairgrounds.


You are here. At Jill Draper’s, to be specific.

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Operation Try New Restaurants: LOBSTER!

Ok, y’all, I know lobster isn’t a restaurant. But I’m claiming it for August because it’s notable. I’m a Mainer. I grew up here. I’ve lived here again for the past almost-ten years. I love seafood. But? I have never had a lobster. I’ve eaten lobster – in mac ‘n’ cheese, lobster rolls, ravioli… But never a whole lobster.

Do I lose my Mainer badge?

My First Lobster

(It was delicious.)

And the occasion? My BFF got married and I was one of the privileged few to be there. So much love!

Amy & Patrick

sunflowers at the wedding

always and forever

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this is five

birthday girl
One month ago, my beautiful girl turned five. FIVE. How did that happen? (Pretty sure I say that every year. Pretty sure it won’t ever stop.)

Five feels like…kid. Not really a preschooler (although she still is), definitely not a toddler…all kid. All long legs and lanky arms and the ever-increasing, amazing ability to do things on her own that I never thought possible. Just this morning, she surprised me by quickly and accurately following a diagram to put together a marble run she’d never seen before.

How fast she runs! How helpful she can be (when she feels like it)! How her leaps of logic astound and delight me! How she looks after her little brother. How she loves to help me in the garden. How she loves to see the worms wiggle through the soil. How she loves to pose her ballerina Barbie. How she loves to read about dinosaurs. How she loves, loves, to run down the hill leading to our house after a long walk in the stroller.

B is for bunting

We celebrated with not one, but two parties, with cake, cupcakes and tea. Happy birthday wonderful girl!

rainbow cupcakes!
tea party!
pretend pouring

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312: playing

We had a super busy day – here’s E and her friend S playing in a little tree house at the Waldorf school fall fair. It was packed! We did nature-y crafts! We played games! It was totally fun. E made a crown and a doll and a chickadee out of wool. We ran into a bunch of people we know, in addition the people we intended to run into.

After a quick stop at home, we went over to another friend’s house and stayed through dinner. The kids played and good times were had by all.

So busy. So fun. So tired.

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298: my little Tinkerbell

tinkerbell flies!

She flies!

We went to the kids’ school’s fall festival-Halloween-party-thing on Saturday evening. It was fun and awkward. I am BAD at small talk. We had a good time though – E especially. She got to hang out with her little buddies and wear fairy wings and eat s’mores. I mean, does it get any better than that to a 4 year old? I think not.</p

(Yes, H was there too. He’s 2. He played in the dirt and ate marshmallows and was totally content.)